Microbiome Therapeutics’ first product is aimed at diabetic dysbiosis, a GI microbiome imbalance. This dysbiosis is a complex condition, and our strategy is to target the GI microbiome with a complex blend of safe, all natural, food-derived ingredients. The product is formulated as a dietary supplement and is targeted to be available in early 2017. It is called NM504.

NM504 is a powdered blend of three concentrated food ingredients containing a blend of soluble and insoluble prebiotic fibers, antioxidants and physiochemical modifiers. It was purpose-designed to expand GI microbiome diversity and to shift GI microbiome populations to promote a healthier GI tract, leading to satiety, healthy blood sugar levels and a primed immune response.

The ingredients were selected based on a rigorous review of published clinical trials and in vitro studies on the individual ingredients, combined with the recognized expertise of Microbiome Therapeutics’ chief scientific officer, Dr. Mark Heiman. Two successful clinical trials were completed at a nationally recognized center and this data has been published. The product is targeted to those seeking a safe means to help prevent diabetes progression and to lessen the limiting GI side-effects of metformin.

NM504 has the potential to provide superior benefits to probiotics. Our prebiotics, along with the other active ingredients, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that then can multiply in meaningful numbers. The healthy actions of those bacteria are thereby enhanced. Probiotics, no matter how high their numbers, are insufficient to achieve meaningful results when compared to the 100 trillion (1013) bacteria resident in the GI tract. A dose of even 10 billion probiotics represents just 1/10,000 of the total bacteria present in the GI system. By stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria populations, NM504 can affect a significant fraction of the 100 trillion resident bacteria. Our product nurtures both the beneficial biota and their environment in the lower GI tract to boost the activity of the positive flora present.

The recommended regimen for NM504 is two doses per day (which can be achieved in a day or two) for one month and then one dose per day for 2 months. We expect many users will continue to consume a single maintenance dose over the longer term. There are already a number of users who have been taking our product longer than one year who report continuing benefits.


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