Microbiome Therapeutics’ first product, BiomeBliss®, is aimed at promoting a healthy GI microbiome. Our strategy is to target the GI microbiome with a specifically selected blend of safe, natural ingredients intended to increase the function of the microbial communities in the GI tract. The product, named BiomeBliss®, is sold as a dietary supplement and is available at and on Amazon.

BiomeBliss® is a powdered blend of three natural food ingredients providing a blend of prebiotics, including polyphenol antioxidants. It was purpose-designed to support the GI microbiome in order to promote a healthy GI tract.

The ingredients were selected based on a rigorous review of published clinical trials and in vitro studies of the individual ingredients, combined with the recognized expertise of Microbiome Therapeutics’ chief scientific officer, Dr. Mark Heiman. Two successful pilot clinical trials assessing the impact on metabolic factors of the combination of ingredients in BiomeBliss were completed at a nationally recognized clinical research center and this data has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. They showed that BiomeBliss can safely help individuals maintain healthy mealtime blood sugar levels, manage hunger and promote regularity.*

Well-designed prebiotic blends, such as BiomeBliss®, have the potential to provide benefits which may go beyond probiotics in helping to maintain a well-functioning GI microbiome. Our prebiotic ingredients promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that then can multiply in meaningful numbers, enhancing their positive effects. Probiotic supplements, no matter how high their numbers, are challenged to achieve meaningful changes when compared to the 40 trillion bacteria resident in the GI tract. By stimulating the growth and maintenance of beneficial bacteria populations already present in the large intestine, prebiotics like BiomeBliss® can affect a significant fraction of the 40 trillion bacteria in the microbiome. Our microbiome modulator product nurtures the microbiota and their environment to boost their positive activity.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The products of MicroBiome Therapeutics are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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