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MicroBiome Therapeutics™ is developing pharmaceutical products that improve health status by interacting with the human microbiome in specific ways.  We are a leader in the development of evidence-based microbiome modulators–products designed to alter bacterial populations and their environment in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to prevent or treat serious health conditions.

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About Microbiome Modulators

MBT’s microbiome modulators are based on the growing understanding that the composition of the large populations of bacteria and other microorganisms (collectively referred to as the microbiota) resident in the human GI tract can have a significant impact on health. Microbiome modulators shift the GI microbiota and their environment in specific ways to achieve improved health outcomes.

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Company Updates

China ‘Catastrophe’ Hits 114 Million as Diabetes Spreads.  China’s diabetes epidemic is worse than previously estimated

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